Customs Brokerage

Trident Freight provides Customs Brokerage Solutions to Customers as part of its total supply chain commitments. It was initially served as associated activity, and further developed to become a core activity providing solutions to Customers within UAE, and GCC Cross Border. With the addition of Express activity to the infrastructure, the company become a fully compliant service provider to its Customers, Network Partners, and in the Market. The department with highly experienced and dedicated team serves all major industry verticals, high profile Customers, and is highly experienced to handle Cargo of All Nature – General and Regulated. Currently it serves all major Customs Airport, Seaport, Entry and Exit Points of Free Zones, in the UAE, GCC Cross Border, and provide Customers and its Network Partners Customized solutions in UAE and GCC Cross Border. The Customs activity play a major role in our daily transactions, as it is a mandatory factor in providing Customers Door to Door solutions worldwide. We therefore have considered and added innovation to this activity for us to be strong and efficient in our supply chain solution commitments.

The key handling capabilities are –

  • Online customs declaration.
  • B2G/ EDI with Dubai Customs.
  • Online E-gate pass for all Dubai port and Free Zone Deliveries.
  • Full fledged customs operations based in Dubai, DCV, DAFZ – T2, JAFZ, DWC and Abu Dhabi.
  • Customs Staff Implant solutions for Customers.
  • Customs Clearance of both General & Regulated Products

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