Express service

Trident Freight provides Express Clearance and Freight solutions to Customers as part of its total supply chain commitments. With the addition of Express activity to the infrastructure, the company become a fully compliant service provider to its Customers, Network Partners, and in the Market. The department with highly experienced and dedicated team support the E-Commerce activity for the Group, and serves all major industry verticals, high profile Customers, and is highly experienced to handle Express Cargo by Air and Road using own infrastructure and contracted arrangements under Trident management. Currently it serves all major Customs Entry and Exit Points, Commercial and Industrial Areas in the UAE, GCC Cross Border on a daily basis, and provide Customers and its Network Partners Customized solutions UAE wide and ME region wide.

The key handling capabilities are –

  • Express Airfreight Solutions to and from Dubai, UAE
  • Express Customs Clearance solutions at the UAE Airport Entry and Exit Points
  • Express Customs Clearance solutions at GCC Cross Border points
  • Express Delivery Solutions in UAE

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